Love, hate, rape, revenge, bullying; all of these come into play in this hard hitting novel about survival.

Four teenage girls, one boy and their swimming coach are trapped on a desert island, where the normal rules of living don’t apply. What will they do to survive? Are the rumours being spread about the coach, true? What else does he teach when he takes an individual on a hunting foray? Will Emma turn the tide of being bullied? Did one of the girls really fall to her death, or was she killed to cover up what was going on?

This fast moving tale shows what can happen when the structure of society falls apart, old scores are settled and the innocent suffer.



P.S. Winn

This was really a great book. When a coach and 5 of his students survive a plane crash and end up on a deserted island the story unfold. The body of the story is survival but also a glimpse in to the minds of the survivors. As I read the book I was entertained, but it was the final chapters that made this story a five star read. The ending was a surprise to me and I loved it. great job and great story readers will love.


This was a fast read that is mainly about the survival of 6 people on a desert island. It's tense and complex as one of the survivors has been bullied by the others. You find yourself initially pulling for Emma but later begin to see the breakdown of her psyche as the survivors mentally battle for control and for the attention of the only adult. I read it through in a day because I needed to find out what happened next.

There's a surprising twist at the end that will require rereading to fully understand it.

Carol Macfie Lange

The introduction about alteration of perception of reality in extremity grabbed my attention, and was effective told in the first person as a psychiatrist examining the notes of a survivor, the coach's log, and the tale as told through the eyes of the sole survivor.
The narrative then switches to Emma, a girl the victim of sustained bullying, lying stunned on the golden sand amid the bodies and wreckage of the aircraft.
The cruelty and vicious bullying by the girls makes reader feel a great deal of sympathy for Emma, who feels ugly because of a birthmark and alone, except for the heartening encouragement of Tom.
I enjoyed the insights into the background and lives of some of the children and would like to have read more about the lives of the characters and what motivated them.
The snappy dialogue moves the story along to a surprising ending.

kathleen boucher

This book concerns a plane crash in the South China Sea and the fight for survival of six out of sixteen swimming team members.It is told through the eyes of the sole survivor, a diary kept by one of the girls and a log kept by the coach, Jack Black. 'When an extreme event happens in a person's life, it can cause that person's perception of reality to alter so dramatically, that his world no longer fits in with mainstream life.'I really enjoyed this book as I felt for each character and what they were going through. Des Birch paints a vivid picture of each character's feelings and ordeal. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is fascinated by the way the mind handles events. I am very glad I was not on that plane.


Well written and I like the psychology lecture in the beginning. An excellent survival story for the young adult. Though I think adults will like it as well.