As a former Quinling, Ben's life should have been plain sailing.  However, bad choices, coupled with naivety, caused him to lose everything he had worked for and start his life from scratch.

This is the third book in the series and it relies heavily on knowledge from book one, and some from book two.



Weakened legs carried me across the site, over mounds and through deep tracks left by diggers, until finally, the bridge came into view.  Then I saw the Oak tree and finally, through the mist, I saw Maggie, leaning on the handrail, looking into the water.  I hesitated.  She had not seen me, so there was still time to change my mind.  I looked behind me for an escape route, but figures appeared from the mist, moving onto the bridge.  Maggie turned as I approached.

"Hi," she said, but my lack of reply and the expression on my face stopped her from giving me the customary hug.

More figures appeared behind Maggie.  It seemed that the whole site wanted to witness the event.  Maggie glanced around, a puzzled look on her face.  Then there was utter silence; everything was still.  It was at that moment, that a man, far braver than I, stepped forward and slowly dropped down onto one knee, holding out a small open box.  I opened my mouth to repeat at least one of the carefully planned lines I had devised, but no sound came out.  It was a stalemate.  My speech was paralyzed and nobody else wanted to talk until they had heard me ask the question.



Rebecca Scarberry wrote:

I've enjoyed reading the sequel and I think young adults will love it. They'll love it because the lessons the Quinling learned are lessons all of us could benefit from. . . All life is connected. You'll fall in love with all the species Jane (a Quinling) meets and learns many valuable lessons from. I would categorize this book as 'fantasy.' I love fantasy!


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