Short stories for bedtime reading show life from a different point of view.
For those of you who want to curl up in bed and immerse in touching stories and anecdotes, this is the book for you. From everyday life where the stories begin, to the characters we meet every day, these tales are all around us, for those who can see. Go on, spoil yourself.



Pam Smith

I was almost put off by the cover of this book but I had it so was determined to read at least part of it. I am so glad I did. The way this author has taken tiny life incidents - such as a smile - and woven (believable) tales around them, I found quite fascinating. I think he must be a student of human nature and this interest, combined with a writer's `eye,' has created something quite special. Do yourself a favour and buy this book - you will be glad you did.

P.S. Winn

I did like the writing style of this book, but wished there was more to the stories. They were interesting but a bit slow and seemed to go nowhere. I do like the author's interpretation of what is seen as a normally every day thing and then taken to a new level by the author's observations. I am very interested in reading a more full length novel by this author.


I loved the stories. The writer takes small incidents and weaves tales that are sensual with feeling and evoke emotions. The descriptions of the surroundings places one at the scene. Excellent writing and well worth the read.

Terry Johnson Weber

Being a writer myself, I am always fascinated to learn how other authors write, what they use to jumpstart a story, and what they learn as they observe people. This was very enjoyable and well-done.