The Kingdom

Have you ever wanted to write something in a certain way, yet fear that people won’t fully understand it? I did it with the following piece. I won’t explain anything, but I would be fascinated by what you make of it.


There is a kingdom, near and far
Not everybody sees
Its entrance sealed by huge oak doors
For which I hold the keys

A place of peace where love grows trees
And daisies on the ground
Where flowers bright breathe hazy light
In pastel hues around

Where green hills roll and waters fall
To shallow lakes below
Where fish can play, the sun-filled day
In crystal waters slow

My friends and family can relax
In restful slumber lie
And happy children run and jump
Why, some can even fly

So here I stand and watch the group
Enjoy my kingdom fair
Where beauty is provided, leaving
Them without a care

For what is beauty if not shown
To others on the way?
And what is love for others if
They cannot share your day?

So here I stand and share my love
And it comes back to me
And round to everyone again
For here my love is free

A tremble shakes the ground below
Which only I can feel
A threat against my loved ones
And that threat is very real

I gather them together, head
Towards a huge oak door
They look at me confused, but
I just look towards the floor

And I now lock the door behind
The last departing guest
I’ve witnessed these bad signs before
And must begin my quest.

The sun is forced to mute its joy
No longer clear and bright
With bloodshot eye it spears the sky
And rains its amber light

I said “sun, bright star who warms my day
And makes my kingdom bright
Take heart, the victory will be mine
I’ll slay the beast tonight

Then donning armour shining bright
I creep along the way
With magic sword in my firm grasp
To keep my fear at bay

A dozen arrows, poison tipped
In quiver on my back
Two for each of hell’s six beasts
My longbow burnished black

I reach the beach in time to see
The sun has sunken down
Her amber teardrops melt the waves
Her face a saddened frown

Quoth she “I know you’ll do your best
The bravest of all men
But know you this, if you should fail
I’ll never rise again

I cannot help you in the night
But this I do attest
I’ll send my sister, Silver moon
To help you in your quest”

I called aloud and watched as
She slipped deep into the night
I have the strength of ten men
I can’t fail to win the fight

There struck a moment’s darkness
In which nothing more was said
Then Sister Moon cast silver streams
To light my path ahead

And onward now, I’ll steal a march
On those who come to fight
And on again to darkened cavern
Screened by silver light

I step into the dark place, lined
With rubies, red and bright
They’re really eyes of Hades hounds
A truly fearsome sight

I lay my sword upon the ground
And Stretch my bow string tight
And slowly turn my form around
To face each ruby light

The hounds they snarl and whine
But don’t approach, for they know well
I hold the weapon in my hands
To drive them back to hell

So now there is a stalemate twixt
The rubies and the bow
But nothing could prepare me for
The sound that comes below

The bowels of hell they rumble with
A hissing and a roar
A tunnel now appears there, where
There wasn’t one before

And from this comes a green light which
Predicts a fearsome sight
And in the vanguard warrior’s screams
Who once had lost this fight

Two horns appear and then a head
And bloodied, shaggy mane
Its form is bigger twofold
Than the place from whence it came

I face the beast, I’m hypnotised
By fearsome hissing sound
Blindsided by its three-pronged tail
Now dashed onto the ground

I lay here gasping in the dust
The hounds are closing in
I fear they know they will ere long
Be feasting on my skin

The hilt of my sword beckons
Just a body length away
I hope that I can make it
Or the beast will have its day

But just now in a flash the thief
Of time has stole my years
For now I’m just a boy again
Filled with my boyhood fears

I do not have the will or strength
To lift the magic sword;
Or fight the beast or hounds of hell
On horns I will be gored

I roll into a ball for it is
All that I can dare
Now teeth of hell hounds clamp me
And my flesh begins to tear

The beast is standing over with
Its yellow teeth agape
Foul drool is dripping on me and
I know there’s no escape

But what’s this light? A silver beam
Now wraps me in its gown
And on the silver fabric I see
Words come sliding down

The words they are familiar, for
They’re stemmed in truth you see
I know they’re words of wisdom
For the words did come from me

“I have the strength of ten men”
Those words tell me in my plight
And now the table’s turned for
I can’t fail to win the fight

I leap up, and the yelping hounds
Smash cruelly into walls
The beast moves forward, then moves back
As its attack it stalls

The pause it gives, allows me time
To lift my sword on high
And with a slash and grating sound
I have removed its eye

An upward sweep of magic sword
Through sinew flesh and bone
Then downward slice and in a trice
I drive my message home

The tunnel opens up again
The beast it backs away
It slides in pain, to hell again
And I have won the day

The ruby eyes and hell’s hound cries
Sucked with it down the shaft
The tunnel closes tight and
In my heightened state I laugh

For I can never kill the beast
I can just win the fight
For I’m in him and he’s in me
But I know what is right

I stagger out to bright sunlight
Collapse upon the ground
The sun she salves my wounds and then
The birds with beauty sound

And I recover quickly because
Right is on my side
Recovery is slower far
For anyone who lied

So now I head for mighty oaken
Doors to open wide
To show my kingdom to my friends
And family with much pride

So look inside the gates, you might
See he who’s built twixt dark and light
A kingdom tamed which once was wild
A fragile place this human mind

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